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3 Ply Protective Cotton Reusable Face Mask – Pack of 3

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3 Ply Protective Cotton Reusable Face Mask – Pack of 3

Nylle Cotton Reusable Face Mask are an effort to help you and us all stay safe during this time of crisis, these community masks are made with utmost care and safety.

Highlights of Cotton Reusable Face Masks

  • design for protection against dust and saliva
  • one fits to all – Adjustable
  • soft ear loops for comfortable and soft grip
  • easy to carry in pockets

This anti-pollution Cotton Face Mask is a washable and reusable mask made of 100% cotton fabric and is suitable for all weather conditions.

Special features:

  • Designed to easily rest on face and ensure proper adjustment and fit.
  • Innovative design to fit comfortably on the nose while one breathes
  • High quality eco-friendly cotton, breathable and absorbent mask. soft, elastic ear loops for extra comfort and makes it easy to wear
  • Maximum protection with the wider face coverage
  • Reusable feature gives you repeated use and reduces waste
  • This piece is fold-able so that you can put it inside the pocket and carry it anywhere.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear and accommodates all facial movements.

how to wear mask


  • Step 1- Clean your hands with hand sanitizer.
  • Step 2- Hold ear strings by your hands, face the concave side.
  • Step 3- Pull the strings over your ears.
  • Step 4- Cover for your nose, mouth & chin with the mask properly.
  • Step 5- Adjust the fabric over the nose so that it sits on the tip of your nose bridge,  ensuring perfect fit and no leakage.

Disclaimer: This mask does not guarantee any protection from COVID-19 & any other disease. It is for general cover from dust, pollution and bacteria.


  • Always wash your hand with soap and water or sanitize them with alcohol rub before and after using the mask
  • The mask is for individual use ONLY, not to be shared with others to prevent contamination
  • To be disposed of after single use. This is a single use mask and cannot be washed.

Use Cases:
Ideal for working in an area with a high concentration of air pollution, chemicals, dust, smoke, pollen, ash, mold, clay, etc


  • Usage instructions & precautions should be followed as recommended
  • Improper usage of the mask may cause health risk

Material & Care

100% cotton
Hand Wash Cold
Masks are to be routinely washed in hot soapy water and air dry or tumble dry.

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Face Mask Manufacturer – Proudly Made in India By Nylle India.


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