Hospital Bag - Essentials to Carry in Maternity Bag

hospital bag

Delivering a child is the most challenging part of being pregnant as a woman has to bear an tremendous amount of pain. How strong a woman may be, but at this stage, she needs complete support, a hand to hold all through the pain, and complete pre-operational support for delivery.

While packing maternity bag for delivery, we always want to ensure that our bag contains all the essentials that we may need.

As our due date set to arrive soon, it keeps us  struggling as to what all should be packed for D-day, so for that we start packing at month six till the probable day of delivery. We must prepare a checklist and then keep adding items to it every new day thinking we just might need that one thing.


Here I am listing out a few essentials that you should not leave behind while preparing for your hospital bag.

Checklist for Preparing Hospital Bag

  1. Medical file and insurance documents – ensure that you have all the medical files in one place and make your husband or parents aware as these documents are required at the time of admission formalities at hospital and this  will be carried out by them as you might not be in a state to tell what’s where.Your ID proof, insurance papers if any, pregnancy file with the latest tests and scans are absolutely vital for the hospital procedure.
  2. Baby clothes including caps, mittens, and socks – please ensure you have at least four pairs of baby clothes as the baby may soil his/ her clothes.
  3. Undergarments – you will need at least five or six of them as you may stain these due to heavy bleeding post-delivery.
  4. Toiletries – keep your soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel comb, face cream, hair ties and any other essential that you use on a daily basis.
  5. Scarf or cap – We are advised to immediately cover our heads and wear warm clothing as post-delivery the body becomes weak and is prone to catch cold and other ailments.
  6. Clothing for self – this will be needed when you get discharged and going to your home.
  7. Baby blanket, diapers, and pads for self –  Baby blankets and diapers are needed, also you have to keep pads for self, you can buy disposable maternity pads.

  8. Feeding Supplies – You will need bottles and feeding powder in case the baby doesn’t latch or if you aren’t producing enough milk.

Few Tips:

  • cut your nails before you land in to the hospital.
  • Keep all your jewelry, rings and earrings, all that you are adorning, at home.

I hope this will help you in getting that hospital bag ready. So get set go!


Disclaimer: The views, opinions and positions expressed within this post are those of the author alone, one may require more or less items from the list as per their requirements.