Newborn Baby Products Shopping Checklist

Congratulations on becoming a new parent, journey full of laughter, hugs & kisses.

Parenthood is an enjoyable journey and you are taking up this responsibility. From the time you welcome your new baby home till about the time your baby licks up his birthday cake, you will need to keep important things in your mind.

We have created a checklist especially for you to help you on this memorizing journey.

Baby Care

A new-born’s skin is ten times soft and lean than an adult’s and is easily prone to rashes and infections, one of the main cause is being wetness. You need,

  • Diapers to help your baby sleep dry and comfortable throughout the night
  • Diaper rash cream to soothe any rashes
  • Baby Wipes.

Baby Feeding

  • Feeding bottles and nipples for new borns
  • Bottle cleaning and sterilisation products to help keep them germ free
  • Formulas and supplements
  • Spoons
  • Bibs to keep meal times mess-free
  • During this transitional phase, baby will experience the discomforting and painful process of teething, and we suggest you check out some teethers and soothers to help comfort your little one.

Baby Bathing

Bathing is essentially fun times and we suggest the following to make it a tear-free and enjoyable part of the day:

  • Body washes to clean up baby
  • Creams and ointments to look after baby’s sensitive skin

Other Essentials

Baby Nail  Clippers
Cotton Buds
Nappy Accessories
Baby Thermometers
Baby Cloths Detergent