Top and Unique Baby Boy Names of 2020

Every parents try to pick a name for their loving child that is unique, rare and unusual. They stay away from choosing a popular name, as they feel their child’s name may just get lost among many children in his class and social circle.

If you are one of those parents, here is a short list of some unusual baby boy names to make your choice easier.

Unique baby boy names

Name Meaning
Adyant Beginning and end
Ahil Prince
Amay Lord Ganesh
Anay Lord Vishnu, Without  a superior
Arit Praised
Abhik Beloved, Fearless
Anvay Integrated
Atishay Wonderful
Ashmayu Ray of Light
Atharv Wise
Arochan Radiant
Arpit To Dedicate
Arth Meaning
Arihan Destroyer of Enimies
Archis Ray of Light
Arin Discussion
Aadvan Sun
Chinmay Pure Thought
Devyan Serving The Gods
Ekansh Unique
Harman Lord’s Heart
Ishir Powerful
Irish Lord of Earth
Mahir Expert
Milan Union
Neer Water
Pradyot To illuminate
Pranay Affection, Love
Prayan Supreme intelligence
Purnit Complete
Rakshan The protector, Lord Vishnu
Ridham Spring
Rohil Grown, rising
Sahil Beach, Shore
Sarin Helpful
Shreyansh Part of God
Tavish Courageous, Strong
Tarak Protector, star
Vidyot Flash of light
Viraaj Brilliant, shining
Yuvraj Intelligent