Top and Unique Baby Girl Names of 2020

Every parents try to pick a name for their loving child that is unique, rare and unusual. They stay away from choosing a popular name, as they feel their child’s name may just get lost among many children in his class and social circle. If you are one of those parents, here is a short list of some unusual baby boy names to make your choice easier.

Unique baby girl names

Name Meaning
Aashvi Blessed, Little Mare, Goddess Saraswati
Anaya Without a Superior, Diligence
Aarvi Peace
Anaisha Special
Aahana First Ray of Light
Advika Unique, World
Amaya Guileless, Night Rain
Advita One or Unique
Aavya Ray of Light, God’s Gift
Aarna Wave, Stream, Goddess Lakshmi
Anika Grace, Beautiful, Goddess Durga
Arika Beautiful, Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity
Aadhya First Power, Perfect
Amayra Princess
Anvika Powerful, Complete
Anshi God’s Gift
Avika Sunrays, Diamond
Aarohi Progressive, Evolving
Divisha Chief of Goddess
Dityaa Answer of Prayers
Dhvija Born For Performing Great Things
Evanshi Similarity
Kayra Peaceful, Unique
Kiara Light, First Ray of Sun
Krishika Grower, Prosperity
Ishanvi Goddess of Knowledge, Goddess Parvati
Mishika Love of God
Mahira Expert, Talented, Knowledgeable
Mayra Admirable
Naisha Special, Lovely Flower
Pranshi Goddess Lakshmi, of Great Stature
Prisha God’s Gift, Loving
Ridham Spring
Rutvi Season, speech
Saanvi One Who Will be Followed, Goddess Lakshmi
Samaira Enchanting, Protected by God
Siara Unique, Women who is Pure & Holy
Siya Goddess Sita, One Who Always Win
Saisha With Great Desire & Wish
Shreyanvi Goddess Lakshmi
Taisha Someone Who is Alive
Twisha Brilliant, Bright
Tishya Auspicious, A Star, Sense of Joy & Happiness
Vihana Early Morning
Viha Angel, Heaven
Yashvi Fame